Citadel Consulting Group is a professional services provider of finance and accounting functions, dedicated to serving healthcare facilities in the US. We specialize in providing healthcare facilities such as skilled nursing, long-term care, hospitals, and medical clinics with a full-service Billing, Account Receivables and Collection services.

We help our clients save costs, increase efficiency and gain stability through our accurate and competent services.

Save Costs
We have the time and resources to handle your finances and help search for avenues where you can maximize your annual savings.

Increase Efficiency
We take the mundane and difficult finance tasks so you can focus on your business and clinical operations.

Gain Stability
We have the expertise to correct deficiencies and cash flow issues so you can increase your profit.

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Initially, Citadel Consulting Group was created to cater to the billing services of Citadel Care Centers, which is composed of four (4) nursing home facilities in Bronx, NY. However, the company has now expanded to offer its services to other nursing homes and medical facilities in the Tri-State areas.

Our Approach

As a trusted partner, we are with you all the way. We work with you from beginning to end, with passion and dedication to every little detail, as we repeat each success all over again. Every account is unique, so our approach maybe different but our bottom line is the same.

We are the best at what we do and you can count on us to solve all your finance and accounting problems as you have expected us to do.

We are not just a Vendor, but your trusted Partner aligned to achieve your target and revenue goals.

We handle your data and information with utmost discretion, taking into account all compliance policies and regulations.

Our Advantage

Working with us, we offer you Freedom! Freedom from hassles and blunder issues. With our effective implementation strategies, you will feel the difference why clients take “refuge” (citadel) on our capabilities.

Customized Solution
We analyze each client facility based on current needs, standing and requirements as opposed to a one-fits-all solution.

Streamlined Process
We are on a mission to utilize the best approach to everything so we can achieve the following benefits:

  • Faster Claims
  • Reduced Denials
  • Higher Collection Rate
  • Improved Cash Flow

Next Steps...

With our healthcare billing experts, you can be assured that the road towards your financial stability is clear.