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Every healthcare facility's management knows that managing account receivables is one of the toughest challenges of the business process. That is why we're here to help...

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Your AR aging needs full attention so you can successfully recover uncollected receivables and get back on track with your finances. We got your back and we're always here for you...

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Whatever areas of healthcare finance and accounting you have requirements for, we are the team to employ. All you have to do is engage us and we'll do the rest for you...

Help us, Help you!

Running a healthcare facility is such a great responsibility. You are bombarded with a lot of risks on your business operations such as risks on profitability, compliance, patient care and threatened bottom line.

As a healthcare executive, you already have a lot in mind trying to mitigate all these risks. When you partner with  Citadel Consulting Group, we take the burden of one of your most demanding business functions - your Finance and Billing Operations.

Healthcare billing and collection is multifaceted, complicated and can be very expensive especially if the providers are not knowledgeable on what they’re doing. Meanwhile, keeping your in-house finance department can also be daunting and staff retention  overwhelming. With Citadel Consulting Group, we take the financial functions so you can focus on your revenue-generating and clinical business core operations.

We salute you in caring for our people, so please help us, help you!

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